Standard Water Heaters

RichCo Plumbing & Drain primarily works with Bradford White’s assortment of hot water heaters. With a successful history dating all the way back to 1881, Bradford White has become one of the most technologically advanced manufacturers of water heaters on the market. Their products are American made in Michigan and they are sold throughout the world. Bradford White creates products and systems with enhanced quality features that are built to last and to serve the constantly evolving needs of their customers.

Our most common installation replaces your broken or old 40 or 50-gallon hot water tank with the Bradford White Defender— Energy Saver Model.

Why replace your water heater?

1. High-efficiency repairs reduce the cost of heating water in your home.

2. A Brass Drain Valve adds durability to the life of your storage tank.

3. A Piezo Ignition makes lighting the pilot light simple and easy.

4. Vitraglas is the most durable glass tank lining available in the world.

5. The Defender Safety System reduces emissions and reduces Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), providing cleaner and healthier air.

Water Heater Installation

With any new water heater installation, RichCo plumbers are happy to haul away and recycle your old water heater unit. Our friendly team of technicians can replace any old water heater piping to accommodate a new Bradford White water heater of almost any size. We’ll even help install a tankless water heater you may have purchased from another supplier.

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