Epoxy Sewer Liner

Epoxy sewer line replacement/repair technology is a practical alternative to trenchless sewer drain replacement. It can make your existing sewer piping better than before by creating a resilient pipe within a pipe using a two-part blend of epoxy resins. This technique creates the structural strength of a new ABS sewer line without damaging your floors or landscaping.

How does it work?

1. Identify the Issue using a Color Sewer Camera

Once you’ve contacted RichCo to have us inspect your sewer and drain lines the first thing we’ll do is schedule a video inspection. When our expert plumbers arrive we will run a color camera through your sewer main lines and/or kitchen/laundry lines. The RichCo sewer line repair technician will then be able to identify your needs and recommend some options for your specific problem.

2. Clean/Hydrojet the pipes

Now that the damaged area has been discovered, the sewer line cleaning process can begin. The first step is to clean out all roots and debris in order to return the pipe back to its original diameter using a high pressure Hydrojetter. Cast iron pipe may require additional preparation if the pipe is badly corroded or if there is a separation in the sewer pipe.

3. Install the liner

After the sewer line cleaning is complete, the lining process can begin. Based on how much of the sewer line is problematic, the length of pipe lining felt needed is cut, a two-part epoxy is mixed and poured in to permeate the felt liner. The liner is then pulled in place, the bladder is inflated and the drying process begins. Once the epoxy lining has cured/dried, the bladder is removed, leaving a completely new pipe within a pipe. To ensure that the service has been performed correctly, a color camera inspection is done to double check our work.


Prevents Root Intrusion and Stops Sewage Leaks

Epoxy lining forms to the diameter of the existing sewer pipe or creates a pipe where there are separations/cracks, creating a seamless sewer pipe within a pipe. This eliminates the chance of future root intrusion.

Restores and Improves Flow

Epoxy lined pipe increases the flow capacity because the lined pipe is smoother than old clay, cast iron, or concrete pipe. Calcification deposits will not stick to the epoxy-lined walls, which helps prevent future blockages.

Structural Strength

The finished product withstands every corrosive environment, as well as the test of time. The life expectancy of the epoxy liner is over 50 years!


RichCo’s epoxy technology process has been developed over three decades to restore drain lines to better-than-new condition, without destroying floors, foundations, landscaping or driveways.


At RichCo Plumbing & Drain, we warranty our pipe liners for 25-years. Receive both better value and peace of mind by choosing a solution that avoids the inconvenience of ongoing rooter maintenance.

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