Sewer Line Replacement

Sewer line replacement is a crucial part of common household maintenance— and we don’t often think about until something goes wrong. You may start noticing the problem when you hear gurgling noises or odd odors from the toilet, when your drains are slower than usual, or when showers and sinks stop draining properly. RichCo offers a 25-year warranty on trenchless sewer replacement.


Need to replace a broken sewer pipe?

Nothing lasts forever, and sewer lines are no exception—but sewer line cleaning can help them last longer. The older the pipes are, the more likely you’re going to have problems with them and need sewer line repair.


Old Pipes

While properly installed ABS pipes can last well over 100 years, older pipes are usually made from clay tile, steel or some other material that may only last 40 or 50 years. If your home was built prior to 1980, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with clay pipes that will require sewer line cleaning or repair and regular maintenance.

Tree Roots

It’s common for tree roots to find their way into pipes and drain lines. Trees are always on the hunt for water. After a few months the roots can grow so dense and that they clog the pipe completely or cause toilet paper and other items to get caught. When that happens, RichCo plumbers are prepared to provide sewer line cleaning and sewer line repair.

Obstructions & Damage

Sewer pipes can clog up from an accumulation of grease and debris being washed down the sink. Sometimes sewer lines just simply break, collapse, or rot away. The bad news is that every time a snake is run through your pipes to clear out the tree roots, it damages the sewer line even further without a permanent fix. Instead, RichCo recommends scheduling a video inspection so our plumbers can view the inside of the sewer line to determine the true source of the problem.

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Epoxy Sewer Relining

Epoxy sewer line replacement/repair technology is a practical alternative to trenchless sewer drain replacement. It can make your existing sewer piping better than before by creating a resilient pipe within a pipe using a two-part blend of epoxy resins. This technique creates the structural strength of a new ABS sewer line without damaging your floors or landscaping.


How does it work?

1. Identify the Issue using a Color Sewer Camera

Once you’ve contacted RichCo to have us inspect your sewer and drain lines the first thing we’ll do is schedule a video inspection. When our expert plumbers arrive we will run a color camera through your sewer main lines and/or kitchen/laundry lines. The RichCo sewer line repair technician will then be able to identify your needs and recommend some options for your specific problem.

2. Clean/Hydrojet the pipes

Now that the damaged area has been discovered, the sewer line cleaning process can begin. The first step is to clean out all roots and debris in order to return the pipe back to its original diameter using a high pressure Hydrojetter. Cast iron pipe may require additional preparation if the pipe is badly corroded or if there is a separation in the sewer pipe.

3. Install the liner

After the sewer line cleaning is complete, the lining process can begin. Based on how much of the sewer line is problematic, the length of pipe lining felt needed is cut, a two-part epoxy is mixed and poured in to permeate the felt liner. The liner is then pulled in place, the bladder is inflated and the drying process begins. Once the epoxy lining has cured/dried, the bladder is removed, leaving a completely new pipe within a pipe. To ensure that the service has been performed correctly, a color camera inspection is done to double check our work.

Trenchless Sewer Replacement

Our trenchless sewer line repair method is ideal for almost any system. Trenchless sewer line repair or replacement requires the excavation of two holes, one near to the side of the home or office, and the other near the curb. We will remove the old sewer line and pass a new sewer pipe from one excavation to the other. RichCo’s experienced technicians can often complete this task in a timely manner.


Benefits of Trenchless Repair/Replacement

Long-Term Savings

Trenchless sewer line repair or replacement ultimately saves labor, time, and money.

Less Invasive Service

Our trenchless sewer line repair or replacement method doesn’t require trenching through your landscaping, knocking down structures, jackhammering or repaving concrete garages and driveways.

Hassle Free

Trenchless sewer line repair can be done by RichCo’s expert plumbing team in a timely manner.

Resilient Solution

A trenchless sewer uses strong yet flexible sewer pipe resistant to cracks, breaks, and leaks.
RichCo offers a 25-year warranty on replacement & epoxy liner.

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