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As a homeowner, many things are up for consideration when it comes to home pipe replacement. Many of your choices depend on the location and purpose of the piping. RichCo understands that homeowners want to ensure they’re making a smart decision when it comes to areas as important as plumbing. With the practical information we outline below, anyone can make the right decision for their home.


RichCo Recommendations

When it comes to home pipe replacement, RichCo plumbers recommend copper and PEX piping. The difference between these two choices comes down to how they’re made. It’s good to know that both PEX piping and copper piping are smart options for home pipe replacement and are both simple for RichCo plumbers to install.

PEX piping is especially easy because is not only extremely flexible but can withstand drastic changes in temperature. Because PEX water piping is similar to a typical plastic it is able to expand and contract as the temperatures shift making it a smart choice for most homes. This eliminates the noise that can be caused from copper piping expanding and contracting causing “squeaks” where the piping is strapped. PEX is also less expensive than copper and comes with a more extensive warranty then we can offer on a copper repipe.

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