Leak Detection & Repair

A small undetected leak can cause big damage to your home. You can rest easy knowing RichCo Plumbing & Drain has the state-of-the-art leak detection equipment and years of experience to properly locate the source of your leak and repair it fast. We identify the exact location and depth of the leak, which makes all the difference when it comes to determining the cost of leak repair.

Advanced Leak Detection Technology

Underground Water Leak Detection technology allows a leak detection specialist to isolate the area of a leak. This can save an average customer hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, in hit and miss digging or opening up unnecessary holes in drywall.

Choosing the Best Plumber for Your Home

To avoid unnecessary damage to your property and other pointless costs, here’s what you’ll want to look for when choosing a the best plumber to repair your leak:

Do they have the proper leak detection equipment needed to diagnose the issue right the first time? (We do!)

Once the leak is found, can that company make the leak repair? (We can!)

Do they guarantee the leak will be where they located it? Will you have to pay for a revisit if they’re wrong?

RichCo runs on reliability. From leak detection to faucet repair, we resolve plumbing challenges the right way, right away. Guaranteed.

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