Home Water
Filtration Systems

Whether you’re drinking, bathing, or washing your food, adding a whole home water filtration system provides safe and great tasting water throughout your entire home. We proudly distribute Flagship Whole-Home Water Filtration Systems, which condition hard water while preserving beneficial natural minerals to provide healthy water at every turn.
Say Goodbye to Scale & Hard Water Stains on:
Kitchen & Bathroom Fixtures
Shower Fixtures, Doors & Trim
Kitchen Appliances
Automatic Ice Makers
Water Heating Appliances
Hot Tubs & Pool Tiles

How Does Home Water Filtration Work?

Zero compromise on clean.

Flagship Water’s Ultra Purity carbon media filters better and lasts longer. Our proudly formulated granular activated carbon media is acid washed & PH balanced and has the power to protect your household for years.

Self-efficient. Salt-free.

Flagship tanks require 30% less water in one regeneration cleaning cycle compared to traditional home water filtration systems and water passing through the Flagship Conditioning Chamber is treated with a series of alternating, reversing-polarity, permanent magnetic fields which interrupts the natural scale formation of Calcium and Magnesium and by altering their ionic charge results in these natural minerals not adhering to surfaces and prevents hard water buildup in pipes and protecting against staining, edging, spotting in kitchens, bathrooms, shower doors and beyond — without adding salt to your homes water.

American-made to last..

Engineered with integrity, Flagship whole-home water filtration and conditioning is made to last using only the best American-made parts so when you need clean water you don’t have to think twice.

It’s What’s on the Inside that Counts

Here’s how Flagship systems are made to last with superior filtering power and maximum efficiency.


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