Drain Cleaning


RichCo’s professional plumbers have been experts in drain cleaning for more than two decades. Our experts are experienced in resolving all kinds of drain and sewer line plumbing issues.

The reality is bathroom and kitchen drains simply clog over time. As they run slower and slower, detergents, soaps and grease compound on the inner walls of the pipes and cause blockage. At RichCo Plumbing & Drain we specialize in drain cleaning and our plumbers are happy to help the next time you experience a clogged bathroom or kitchen drain.

Regular drain cleaning makes all the difference in preventing damage in your home. Count on RichCo for your proactive residential plumbing maintenance.

Video Drain Inspection

Our capable plumbers use a high definition color video camera to inspect your drain lines and system components. If you’re experiencing recurring drain problems, a video inspection can show you what’s wrong with the system before you have to make any costly repairs.

RichCo’s state of the art locating equipment, combined with the video inspection, will pinpoint the exact location of the trouble area/areas. RichCo’s reliable plumbers will show you problem areas such as broken pipes, crushed pipes and infiltration from roots. Our courteous technicians can also record findings on a DVD which may help when selling or buying a home.

Hydrojet Drain Cleaning

If you’re experiencing clogged drains in your home, hydrojetting may help.

Hydrojetting is the process of flushing water through your pipes at high pressure to remove any blockages from the system. Hydrojetting may even prevent the need for a sewer replacement.

Problems with your pipes or sewer system can stem from any number of things, including buildup of materials or tree root infiltration. The good news is Hydrojetting clears out most blockages without any need to dig. This preserves your lawn and alleviates any additional damage.

RichCo runs on reliability. We resolve plumbing challenges the right way, right away. Guaranteed.

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