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Commercial sewer line repair and cleaning are essential to maintaining cost effective plumbing. All too often, it may not be on your mind until a problem occurs. RichCo recommends getting ahead of the curve by being mindful of the following signs:

  • You hear odd noises or smell peculiar odors emanating from the toilet
  • Drains are draining more slowly than normal
  • Showers and sinks are not draining properly
  • A sinkhole appears in the outdoor landscaping

If you happen to notice any of the signs above, contact RichCo right away for commercial sewer line repair or cleaning services.

Commercial Sewer Line Repair

The older sewer lines are, the more likely you’re going to have problems with them that require commercial sewer line repair. Unfortunately sewer lines don’t last forever, but scheduling regular sewer line cleaning can certainly make a big difference in their integrity and longevity.



An Age Old Dilemma

While properly installed ABS pipes are designed to have a lifespan of over a century, older pipes were typically crafted from clay tile, steel, or alternative material that may only last 40 to 50 years. If your commercial space was built before the 1980s, you are likely dealing with clay pipes which will demand regular maintenance such as sewer line cleaning or sewer line repair.

Get to the Root of Your Plumbing Problem

When it comes to plumbing problems, tree roots are a common culprit. Roots often wind their way into pipes and drain lines because they’re constantly searching for water. In their search, roots grow dense and can completely clog pipes or become an obstruction that blocks other items like toilet paper. Anytime that happens your RichCo plumbers are happy to help with commercial sewer line repair or sewer line cleaning.

Eliminate Sewer Line Buildup

Sewer lines naturally accumulate with buildup, causing them to collapse or even rot away. Tree roots only compound the problem. It’s important to know that each time someone runs a snake through your commercial pipes to clear out roots, pipes are damaged even more dramatically (and fails to permanently solve the problem). That’s why the best action you can take is to schedule a video inspection so our experts can peer inside the sewer line to determine the true cause of the issue.

RichCo runs on reliability. We resolve plumbing challenges the right way, right away. Guaranteed.

Epoxy Sewer Liner

Looking for an alternative to trenchless sewer drain replacement? Epoxy sewer line replacement/repair technology is the practical answer. Epoxy sewer lining improves your existing pipes, transforming them into better than new. How? By lining an existing pipe with a pipe using powerful resin to strengthen the structural integrity. All without damaging outdoor landscaping or floors.

What You Can Expect

1. A Color Camera Inspection

First things first. Contact RichCo to inspect your commercial sewer and drain lines. We’ll immediately coordinate a color camera inspection. Upon arrival, your technician will run a powerful camera through the sewer main lines and/or kitchen/laundry lines. Our friendly experts will then be able to pinpoint your needs and recommend strategic options.

2. RichCo Resolve

Now that we’ve identified the issue we can focus on the solution – cleaning the pipes. Our expert technicians clean and clear all roots and debris to restore your pipes to pristine condition. Additional services may be necessary for cast iron pipe in particular, especially if excessively separated or corroded.

3. Our Liners are Made to Last

Once the commercial sewer line cleaning is complete, the lining process begins. The length of pipe lining necessary will depend on how much of the sewer line is deemed damaged. Once the pipe is cut, a two-part epoxy is mixed and poured in to permeate the felt liner. The epoxy lining will then cure and dry, revealing a completely new pipe within a pipe. At that point we run a color camera to inspect the work.

Epoxy Lining
Benefits You Need to Know:

Stop Sewage Leaks

Epoxy lining prevents any future root intrusion by creating a seamless pipe within a pipe anywhere there are cracks or separations.

Go With the Flow

Epoxy lined pipe improves flow capacity because the lined pipe is smoother than old clay, cast iron, or concrete pipe. Calcification deposits don’t stick to the epoxy-lined walls – preventing any future blockages.

Strengthen and Protect Pipes

Epoxy sewer lining stands up to the test of time. You can expect the finished product to last over 50 years.

No More Mess

Epoxy sewer lining technology effectively restores drain lines without the mess of tearing up your driveway or landscaping.

RichCo Runs on Reliability

RichCo resolves every sewer line repair the right way, right away. Guaranteed. We even offer a 25-year warranty on our pipe liners.

Trenchless Sewer Replacement

Our trenchless sewer line repair method is ideal for almost any system. Trenchless sewer line repair or replacement requires the excavation of two holes, one near to the side of the home or office, and the other near the curb. RichCo technicians excavate two holes – one near the curb and one to the side of your building. We remove the old sewer line and pass a new sewer pipe from one excavation to the other. We do all this in only a matter of hours.


Benefits of Trenchless Repair/Replacement

Long-Term Savings

Trenchless sewer line repair or replacement ultimately saves labor, time, and money.

Less Invasive Service

Our trenchless sewer line repair or replacement method doesn’t require trenching through your landscaping, knocking down structures, jackhammering or repaving concrete garages and driveways.

Hassle Free

Trenchless sewer line repair can be done by RichCo’s expert plumbing team in only a few hours.

Resilient Solution

A trenchless sewer uses strong yet flexible sewer pipe resistant to cracks, breaks, and leaks.

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