Commercial Water
Filtration Systems


Do you know how much chlorine you’re absorbing from your tap water?

Remove Harmful Minerals & Metals

The majority of metals are partially soluble in water. When water is warmed or softened it actively removes metals from water pipes, including lead. Heavy metals such as lead in soldered joints or copper in pipe are especially sensitive and should not be in drinking water in significant amounts. Remove harmful minerals and metals with our powerful commercial water filtration system.

RichCo’s commercial water filtration systems filter out hazardous chemicals and pesticides so your body doesn’t have to. With a commercial water filtration system, you’re offered a full warranty that your water will be clean and safe.

The Power of Commercial
Water Filtration Systems

RichCo’s innovative Dual-Action Mixed Media filters water as it enters the tank, reducing or completely removing the harmful chemicals hiding in your water. As the water goes through the Mixed Media, it creates “channels” of filtration. Once the water arrives at the bottom of the tank, it flows up via a distributor tube where it is then sent safely back into your water supply.

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