Water Conditioning vs. Water Softening. What is it?

Hard water plagues around 85% of homes in the United States. Though it is not harmful to drink, it can be detrimental to the piping system and the appliances throughout your home by creating scale buildup. It can also negatively affect the softness and overall quality of your clothing and linens. Let’s talk about two possible solutions to this problem, water conditioners and water softeners.

Though they have a similar name, they are not the same system:

Water conditioners do not completely remove mineral buildup, only around 40%, whereas water softeners remove mineral buildup almost entirely.

Water conditioners are very effective at removing harmful contaminants in your water, and water softeners are less effective.

The system that is right for you and your home may differ on your individual requirements.

It is best to call your local Richco plumber to determine which system is right for you.

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