So You Have a Leaky Toilet. What’s Going On?

A leaky toilet is a frustrating problem. It can cause water damage to your bathroom, can be a huge waste of water, and create a large mess to clean up.
Below are 7 common causes of a leaky toilet, and what you can do if you have one in your home!

7 Leaky Toilet Causes:

  1. Crack on tank or bowl: Toilets bowls are meant to last – but occasionally they do crack. The crack may be too small to notice, and may be leaking small amounts of water.
  2. A faulty supply line – Most of us don’t pay attention to our toilet supply line – the metal pipe that connects our toilet to the wall. But, there is a chance there could be a manufacturing error or mechanical damage to this part of your toilet, and this could be causing it to leak.
  3. A stuck flapper – If your flush handle gets stuck, water will continue to supply the tank and may overflow the reservoir.
  4. Worn-out flapper – This can be caused by mineral build up, resulting in your flush handle starting to warp.
  5. Worn-out fill valve – The fill valve can be warped by mineral build up as well and this prevents your toilet from shutting off.
  6. Broken/dislodged float – This may cause the toilet to continuously run and fill up with water.
  7. Rubber lining defects – This happens due to an aging toilet. This should be checked occasionally, as leaving it alone can cause it to leak.

What should you do now?

Toilet leaks should be taken care of ASAP. By leaving them, you risk wasting water and damaging parts of your home leaving you with costly repairs.

If you don’t know why it is leaking – call Richco Plumbing at 805-484-1297 so we can send someone to your house to fix the problem right away.
Most of the problems above are best left in the hands of a professional plumber.

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