How to Fix a Slow Draining Sink

This is a very common plumbing problem, and it can affect bathroom and kitchen sinks. These two sinks are used on a daily basis in our homes, and they will collect hair, debris, and soap build-up over time. The bathroom sink is usually the one most commonly afflicted with a slow draining sink drain. So, what can you do about it? Our plumbers at Richco Plumbing have the solutions to your problems!

Firstly, why is my sink plugged?

The most common reason for a kitchen sink plug is the accumulation of food waste – such as coffee grounds and egg shells, as well as occasional soap build-up. In bathrooms, it is most commonly hair, soap scum, dust and other grime that goes down the drain. Most people believe that if their sink is clogged, it will be clogged completely, but this is not necessarily true. If you notice your sink is draining slowly, it is important not to hold off on fixing this problem, as it may lead to a full clog which will be considerably harder to fix.

If other plumbing fixtures in your home are being affected, such as the shower and toilet, you may have a more serious problem. A common reason for this occurrence is tree root intrusion, and this must be addressed and fixed by a professional.

So what can I do? Solutions to a slow drain

The ideal solution to a plugged drain is to call a professional at Richco Plumbing, so that we can properly identify and fix the problem you are having. We have the proper equipment and tools to professionally inspect your drain and ensure they are working smoothly.

Solution #1) Drain Snaking

This is an effective solution to rid your drain of any partial clog close to the surface. This involves feeding a tool down your drain to break apart and grab onto parts of the obstruction. It is effective in removing hair and other debris.

Solution #2) Hydrojetting

Hydrojetting is the process of using a high-pressured source of water to scour the inside of pipes and remove any buildup of soap and other debris. This is needed when the clog is not near the drain, and cannot be fixed with drain snaking. Hydrojetting achieves a comprehensive cleaning of the pipes in your home.

Solution #3) Pipe repair or replacement

If the first two solutions are not an option, you may need to repair or fully replace parts of your drainage system. If a pipe has been irreversibly damaged, these options will be the only solution. Replacement of a pipe involves cutting out the damaged and clogged section of the pipe and installing a new one. Some less serious clogs may be fixed with pipe repair – sealing and restoring stability in the pipe. A plumbing professional must complete both of these options.

Using an acid drain cleaner to try and clean a slow draining sink is one thing that should absolutely be avoided. These can cause serious damage to your plumbing systems.

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