Help! Something is Leaking into My Cabinets!

This is one of the most common calls we get – customers have noticed water under the sink and it is leaking into their cabinets! This is a common occurrence because it is one part of the plumbing system that is clearly visible to the naked eye.

Here are a couple reasons you could have water leaking into your cabinets:

Reason 1) Leak in your sink drain

This is the most common reason for water leaking into your cabinets. This can be caused by pipe corrosion or worn-out plumbing connections. A common cause of a drain leak is a sink clog. A sink clog causes water to sit in your pipes, which if left for too long can create immense pressure on the pipes. This results in cracks in the pipes, causing a leak into your cabinet.

Reason 2) Leak in the faucet connection

When your kitchen faucet is not properly connected to your plumbing system, leaks can occur. Even something as simple as a worn-out seal could cause water to leak into your cabinets and damage them.

Reason 3) Leak in the Reverse Osmosis System

A reverse osmosis system removes contaminants from unfiltered water. They are a great addition to many homes, and are a cost-efficient solution to having clean, tasty tap water. If they are cracked or old – they may be the reason for water leaking into your cabinets, and they may need to be replaced.

Water leaking into your cabinets is a frustrating issue, but it can be easily fixed by calling your Richco plumber! 805-484-1297

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