Help! My Kitchen Sink is Clogged

Chances are your kitchen sink has been plugged at one point or another. The most likely culprit for kitchen sink clogs is the accumulation of food debris, especially hard foods like eggshells and coffee grounds, or greasy and fatty foods. It is always a good idea to call your professional Richco plumber to help with your kitchen clog, especially if it is significantly backed up.

Here are 4 common reasons why your kitchen sink may be plugged:

Reason #1) Soap and hard water build-up.

When soap mixes with hard water (mineral-heavy water), it can create soap scum. If left untreated, this scum will build up and cause a clog.

Reason #2) Your dishwasher is blocked.

You will know this is happening if your kitchen sink is filling with dishwasher water. Your dishwasher may not be draining properly. This can be as simple as a lid or other dish blocking the bottom of your dishwasher, or the type or amount of dishwasher detergent you are using.

Reason #3) Your dishwasher air gap is blocked.

The air gap prevents water from a clogged drain from backing up into the dishwasher. It also prevents debris from flowing into your water system. Your air gap should be located on the back of the sink or the top of your sink next to the faucet. You will know your air gap is blocked if water is leaking out of these areas. To clean it you need to: remove the cover, unscrew the cap, and remove any debris that may have accumulated.

Reason #4) Your garbage disposal is not working.

This happens due to the same reasons a sink can clog – hard foods or unwanted debris is jammed and blocking the garbage disposal. Garbage disposals should be checked often for any signs of a blockage.

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