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Do you know how much chlorine you’re absorbing from your tap water?


Water is a universal solvent. Most materials, especially metals, are partially soluble in water. If that water is heated or softened it becomes much more aggressive at removing metals from water pipes.

Our premium grade carbon lasts longer and filters better. A custom blend of catalytic granular activated coconut shell carbon and powerful KDF55 protects your household for years to come.

After surveying numerous samples from Southern California tap water, scientists found almost 40 dangerous chemicals and 20 pesticides in the water supplying our homes. Our home water filtration system filters out all these chemicals instead of forcing your body to do it. No more expensive bottled water, no maintenance needed, and the system comes with a comprehensive warranty.

With the help of a home water filtration system, your skin will be healthier, softer, your bath products will work better, your cooking will taste better— basically everything will be improved with this update. The home water filtration difference is drastic!


As the water comes into the tank, it’s filtered through our special Dual-Action Mixed Media which reduces (or completely removes) the harmful chemicals hiding in your water. As the water goes thru this media, it creates “channels” where it’s filtered. After the water reaches the bottom of the tank, it travels up through a distributor tube where it’s now sent back into your home’s water supply.

How are Environmental Water Systems different?

This proprietary blend of Coconut-Shell Granular Activated Carbon along with KDF-55 is unlike anything else on the market today. This Dual-Action blend operates using two different methods: absorption and oxidation.


The carbon in RichCo’s home water filtration system removes the Chlorine, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), Arsenic, Pesticides, Herbicides, Trihalomethanes, MTBE, Solvents, Chemicals & Poisons that may be hiding in your water through an absorption process.

Carbon is widely recognized as one of the best filter medias available. However, most consumers do not realize that there are different types of Carbon including Wood, Peat, Coal, Palm Shell and Coconut Shell. It’s easy to be fooled by cheap carbon block systems. RichCo’s home water filtration systems use the finest grade of Coconut Shell Carbon because of its incredible absorption capability. Just one cup has the absorption power to cover an entire football field of water!


The KDF-55 filters water differently than Carbon. Instead of absorbing the pollutants, the KDF-55 works on a basic process known as REDOX (oxidation/reduction) principles. This represents a new and unique way of water filtration. The patented KDF media consists of a high purity copper-zinc formulation. These substances exchange electrons or bond with chlorine and other metals contained in the water to create harmless substances. The KDF also inhibits bacteria growth (fungi, algae and mold) throughout the entire home water filtration system.

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